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Tokyo Centre

Tokyo skyline

Message from Dr Chigusa, Director, WANO Tokyo Centre

Dr ChigusaWANO Tokyo Centre is a multinational organisation providing services to WANO members in China, India, Japan, Pakistan, South Korea, and Taiwan. Our staff includes nuclear professionals from more than seven countries. 

Tokyo Centre offers a full range of WANO services, including plant and corporate peer reviews, member support missions, workshops, seminars and training sessions, and analysis of plant performance. All of our work focuses on achieving WANO’s mission of maximising the safety and performance of commercial nuclear power plants. 

Tokyo Centre is proud to be a part of the worldwide WANO organisation, which includes offices in London, Hong Kong, Paris, Atlanta, and Moscow. For more information, please contact Ronn Smith, Tokyo Centre Communications,

Tokyo Centre Address and Contact

Reception on 6th Floor, Igarashi Building WANO Tokyo Centre
2-11-5 Shibaura, Minato, Tokyo, 108-0023

+81 (0) 3 6722 5900