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Overview of Services

WANO is rolling out a new integrated suite of services to its members, which will be available for all member plants and facilities worldwide.

The infographic below explains how WANO will interact with each member plant or facility over the four-year cycle between each peer review. It shows how peer review, enhanced Performance Monitoring (ePM) and other new services (such as performance-based assistance visits) will work together to support members in achieving high levels of sustainable performance. 

Under this model, WANO will assess each plant or facility’s ePM results in a Collegial Review Meeting (CRM) to ensure gaps have been correctly and clearly identified. This will ensure the plant benefits from the most appropriate engagement category - based solely on its performance. Afterwards, in the Executive Review Meeting, WANO’s experts will communicate the results to their counterparts in the plant. 

Peer review will focus on delivering an evaluation and assessment, and ePM will track each plant’s progress and provide it with support as required. With regular monitoring, each member gains an accurate picture of the current performance and likely trajectory of every plant or facility.

WANO then provides a graded level of support to individual members, which will be based on each plant’s performance and specific needs. 

WANO services will fully integrate with each other to continuously improve the industry standards of excellence as the industry evolves. By working closely with WANO, each member plant or facility will elevate and achieve sustainable high levels of performance.