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Peer Review

The heart of WANO’s integrated suite of services

Peer reviews help members compare themselves against standards of excellence through an in-depth, objective review of their operations by an independent team from outside their organisation. The result is a report that highlights strengths and areas for improvement in nuclear safety and plant reliability.

Through peer reviews, members learn and share worldwide insights on safe and reliable plant operation and thereby improve their own performance. The same principles extend to companies, as well as stations, in the form of the corporate peer review.

Post-Fukushima, WANO has moved towards a four-year frequency for peer reviews, with a follow-up at the two-year point. WANO is also working with other organisations such as INPO, IAEA and JANSI to determine what other reviews can be judged as equivalent to WANO peer reviews.

Through peer reviews, members learn and share worldwide insights on safe and reliable plant operation and thereby improve their own performance

Pre-Startup Peer Reviews

WANO provides all new units with a pre-startup review before initial criticality. A team of specialists has been assembled to manage these reviews, which are increasing at a significant pace around the world. A new office has been established in Shanghai so WANO could be based in the region where the greatest number of pre-startup reviews will be conducted in the next few years.

Corporate Peer Reviews

Safety culture is important from the boardroom to the individual plant operator. With this in mind, WANO carries out corporate peer reviews to examine how decisions made at a member’s headquarters affect nuclear safety across the company.

Follow-Up Peer Reviews

The peer review process does not end once the team leaves the site. Member stations interact with WANO between peer reviews through technical support missions and follow-up peer reviews. Follow-up reviews examine the implementation of the areas for improvement identified during peer reviews.

New Unit Assistance 

New Unit Assistance supports members and new organisations during the transition from a project phase - including construction and commissioning - to safe and reliable operation. It is important that new entrants and units join WANO before construction begins on the site, and as soon as the contract for main works on a new unit is signed. This will give enough time for the operator to ensure staff are fully trained and to ensure the entire operational function meets the necessary safety and reliability standards - in time to safely and effectively begin its operational life.