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WANO CEO emphasises the importance of Harmony in WNU Summer Institute speech

Naoki Chigusa, WANO Chief Executive Officer, delivered a speech to the Fellows of the World Nuclear University Summer Institute earlier this week. The prestigious nuclear leadership course is taking place in his native country of Japan in the city of Osaka, where he first started his career in the nuclear industry over 40 years ago.  

Naoki provided a personal perspective from his own journey as a leader during his career, in a speech entitled: ‘The importance of Harmony in building effective leadership’. He explained how three memorable moments in his career tested and enhanced his leadership capability, with the aim to inspire the audience to build effective leadership in their own roles within the industry.

His leadership style is based on Article 1 of Japan’s first constitution, which was established by Prince Shotoku in the sixth century AD. The Article states that Harmony is the greatest of all virtues.  He explained that by producing the conditions for understanding, cooperation and good teamwork – creating Harmony - will be the biggest factor in helping course participants (called Fellows) achieve their goals. He emphasised that by establishing Harmony and applying the five key attributes outlined in WANO’s Nuclear Leadership Effectiveness Attributes, they will have a great basis for success.

Naoki’s involvement is a continuation of WANO’s long-term collaboration and relationship with the World Nuclear University (WNU) to promote nuclear safety and industry performance. Earlier this month, WANO’s experts provided the Fellows with lectures, training and roleplay sessions that focused on nuclear safety culture, safety fundamentals and leadership attributes.