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Roadmap to Operational Readiness Published

The industry’s New Unit Assistance Industry Working Group (NUA I-WG) has published a new version of the Roadmap to Operational Readiness, which is available HERE. The roadmap is a comprehensive guide that helps new nuclear projects worldwide to prepare for the challenge of safe and efficient nuclear power plant operation.

This working group is run by the commercial nuclear power industry and facilitated by WANO. It includes representatives from industry nuclear operators worldwide, with expert support provided from WANO, the IAEA and EPRI.

The roadmap is a collection and integration of industry guidance, lessons learned, success stories, and select industry reference materials. It is based on collective experience and knowledge of NUA I-WG members that combines nuclear operators worldwide and representatives of international and industry organisations. The learnings from the publication are applicable to all generations and types of reactor facilities.

“It is a significant outcome of NUA I-WG activity. With 53 nuclear units in 18 countries under construction, I am confident that the roadmap will become a practical handbook for new operators’ management and will help efficient transition towards safe NPP operation with sufficient cost saving,” says Nikita Konstantinov, NUA I-WG Chair, Deputy CEO and Business Development Director of Rosenergoatom.

The I-WG continues to work on a wide range of significant guidelines, which are to become useful for all NPP operators worldwide. The industry invites all nuclear companies that are building NPPs to join the NUA I-WG. Interested members should contact their regional centre to find out more.