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WANO participates in the 57th Japan Atomic Industry Forum sharing global industry insights

As a global organisation promoting nuclear safety, the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) works closely with industry organisations and partners to foster our mission. During his keynote address at the 57th Japan Atomic Industrial Forum (JAIF) Annual Conference in Tokyo, Japan on Tuesday, April 9, Dr. Naoki Chigusa, WANO CEO, underscored the critical role of nuclear safety in paving the way for a robust and sustainable nuclear industry. Dr. Chigusa highlighted the significance of nuclear energy as an essential component of the Net Zero solution for achieving decarbonisation goals. His insightful remarks shed light on the vital importance of fostering a strong, safe and reliable global nuclear sector to address the challenges of tomorrow's energy landscape.

Dr Chigusa said; "As I address you, my Japanese colleagues, I encourage you to enlarge your view of the nuclear industry consider the many ways Japanese nuclear experience can contribute to commercial nuclear safety worldwide. Those of you in this room are important executives in nuclear plant operation, academic,research,regulation and other nuclear functions. Each of you has great expertise, and significant influence. I challenge you to take a leadership role in the world’s nuclear power industry today and tomorrow.

Providing insights from a global industry perspective and highlighting some of WANO’s work, Dr. Chigusa also covered, in the realm of nuclear power plant operation, maximising safety is a paramount priority that begins well in advance of the actual start of operations. The process kicks off with New Unit Assistance several years before the unit is set into motion, followed by meticulous WANO Operational Readiness Assessment 18 months prior to the crucial fuel load stage. As the countdown continues, a Pre-start up Peer Review and Crew Performance Observation are conducted just a few months before fuel load, ensuring that all systems and personnel are operating seamlessly. Noteworthy is the fact that since 2015, new operators have benefited from a total of 165 WANO New Unit Assistance missions across 56 different units, showcasing a strong commitment to upholding safety standards and operational excellence.

Finally, in the pursuit of enhancing safety and performance throughout a plant's lifespan, collaboration and cooperation are paramount. By engaging with WANO a reputable community of nuclear operators, fostering partnerships with other international bodies, and working closely with esteemed counterparts such as the Japan Nuclear Operators (JNO), the Japan Nuclear Safety Institute (JANSI), the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the industry aims to optimise operational excellence while prioritising safety measures. With WANO’s mission to maximise the safety and reliability of nuclear power plants worldwide, these strategic alliances enable the exchange of best practices, innovative technologies, and invaluable insights, reinforcing a commitment to continuous improvement and a shared dedication to the highest standards of nuclear industry professionalism.

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