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WANO reinforces the industry’s commitment to maximising safety and performance at COP26 

Ingemar Engkvist, the Chief Executive Officer at WANO, emphasised the unique contribution of WANO and its members in maximising safety and performance at COP26 in Glasgow yesterday.

A panel discussion with industry leaders took place at the UN’s flagship climate conference, where panellists discussed nuclear’s crucial contribution to a net zero world, at an IAEA side event entitled: ‘Nuclear Innovation for a Net Zero World’. 

Engkvist commented: “It is important for national, business and civil society leaders to know about the industry’s unique collaboration under WANO, and how our members are very committed to maximising nuclear safety and performance. All operators of nuclear power plants share knowledge and support each other. What is truly unique about our industry is that WANO brings competitors together, with a shared goal and willingness to make the worldwide industry safer and more reliable.” 

Ambassador Rafael Grossi, the IAEA Director General, led the discussion, and the panel consisted of Mr Engkvist and Sama Bilbao y Leon, WNA Director General, John Hopkins, NuScale Chairman and CEO, and Boris Schucht, CEO at Urenco. 

Engkvist added: “Furthermore, we offer support to new units wherever they are being built in the world. All operators are ready to support new countries such as Ghana – whose energy minister we heard from earlier in this event – in their nuclear journey. In this way, the industry will continue to grow in many nations, provide reliable, low carbon energy to their communities, and help nations meet their net zero targets. I have no doubt that the nuclear industry will be a vital player for climate change for many the decades to come.”

Before the industry panel, a high-level conversation between IAEA Director General Grossi and national ministers discussed the complementary role of nuclear power and renewables in the transition towards a carbon-neutral future. Two further panels discussed nuclear innovations required to achieve net zero targets for climate finance, and the development of new technologies.

For more information on the event, please visit Nuclear Innovation for a Net Zero World | IAEA