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The power of Member Engagement

The WANO member engagement survey showed us how valuable feedback can be.

That’s why we’ll be continuing to ask you what you think.

In the five year action plan agreed at our recent global Communications team meeting, we pledged to repeat the survey in two years’ time, and to make it a regular, recurring project. 

Measuring AFIs is important at all levels of WANO. That’s why we want to measure the effectiveness of our responses to member feedback. Over the next few years, we will be revisiting former interviewees to ask them if their view of WANO has changed since we last spoke to them. We want to establish a feedback loop, so that there is always a dialogue between WANO and its members.

But we also want to capture and analyse feedback data from those members who we haven’t been able to reach previously.

So, if you’d like to be interviewed by us for the next round of interviews, let us know by contacting us at