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New Unit Assistance Working Group publishes a key new guide in support of new nuclear units worldwide

WANO’s New Unit Assistance Working Group has announced the formal publication of the Roadmap to Operational Readiness. This essential guide helps new nuclear projects worldwide build high-quality operational capabilities and achieve high levels of operational readiness in preparation for plant startup.
The Roadmap to Operational Readiness provides a new country, operating company and/or nuclear plant important guidance in their preparation for safe and efficient nuclear plant operation.  The guidance provided is a collection and integration of  industry experience, lessons learned, success stories, and relevant industry reference material. The roadmap was developed based on international new nuclear projects from across the world and is applicable to large scale nuclear generators of all types.
The publication has been developed by the New Unit Assistance Working Group. This group, facilitated by WANO, includes representatives from industry nuclear operators from around the world with support from  WANO, the IAEA and EPRI.
To view or download the Roadmap to Operational Readiness, please visit: