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WANO CEO, Dr Naoki Chigusa delivers powerful session on Optimising Plant Life Performance at WNA 2023

On 7-8 September 2023, WANO CEO, Dr Naoki Chigusa joined top nuclear industry leaders, experts, and executives at the World Nuclear Symposium in London, UK to share information and experience that will elevate nuclear energy as a key contributor in the transition to a clean and sustainable world.

Hosted by the World Nuclear Association, Dr Chigusa delivered a keynote presentation in a session on Optimising Plant Life Performance and how it is fundamental to all other goals we want to achieve within the industry.

Dr Naoki Chigusa, Chief Executive Officer at WANO, said; “Optimising Plant Life Performance is an important topic, and one that is applicable to everyone within our industry, whether you’re within a utility, a supplier, a regulator, a financial institution, or another related nuclear organisation.”

Dr Chigusa explained that WANO membership benefits nuclear operators soon after the decision to build a nuclear plant, and throughout the plant’s operating lifetime. “WANO has accumulated decades of nuclear plant experience, lessons learned, and best practices from all phases of the operating cycle. Members share their experience freely to help all plants achieve and sustain excellence in nuclear safety and performance. It’s a trusted community of nuclear operators that is cohesive, highly collaborative, and fully committed to safe and reliable performance of every station in the world.”

WANO has worked extensively with new nuclear plants to help ensure readiness to make the crucial transition from plant construction to plant operations, and into the initial years of commercial operation. Dr Chigusa said: “Since 2015, new operators have received 159 WANO New Unit Assistance missions to 53 new units worldwide. We have seen a significant improvement in plant operations during the first year of commercial operation.”

During his presentation, Dr Chigusa stressed the importance of working together, and reminding us of decarbonisation goals and the importance of meeting those to help control climate change. Dr Chigusa noted that to realise the nuclear energy’s full potential to help control climate change, the world’s nuclear plants must operate at the highest levels of safety and reliability. “Ultimately, it will take all of us, working together, to keep our industry safe and secure.”