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Leadership courses available for WANO members

In the past two years, WANO has become highly active and engaged in the field of nuclear leadership development. In addition to its own leadership training programmes, WANO has joined forces with partner organisations, to ensure places are available for WANO’s global members on their training programmes.

WANO programmes:

Nuclear Leadership Programme - is aimed at department managers and takes place over a one week period in the classroom, with a regular, active follow-up with delegates for four months afterwards. The purpose of the programme is to bring together these key leaders in an environment where they will gain new insights and hone their skills, through interaction with other senior leaders and peers.

Shift Managers’ Development Programme - is aimed at shift managers, as they have a crucial role in ensuring excellence in plant operations and in driving operational focus. Their operational leadership directly influences safe and reliable plant performance. The purpose of the one week intensive programme is to bring together shift managers from diverse plants and cultures into an environment where they will focus and enhance their unique leadership role.

Programmes offered by partner organisations:

1. INPO courses - INPO is enabling one WANO member to attend each of their 30 leadership courses in 2019. The courses are free - attendees only pay for their travel and expenses. Five different courses are available:

  • Senior Nuclear Plant Manager Course

  • Nuclear Department Leader Seminar

  • Next Level Leadership Course

  • New Shift Manager Seminar

  • First-Line Leadership Essentials

2. OPG/EDF Energy International Senior Nuclear Plant Managers Programme (iSNPM). This five week programme prepares senior managers who are ready to move into plant manager roles. Programmes take place in Canada and the UK, and they include two benchmark visits to plants in Europe, Canada and the USA. The programme enables the delegates to work closely with executive mentors and industry thought leaders to broaden their understanding of the management of the nuclear industry, as well as learning about new, innovative leadership concepts. Participants form lifelong support networks with counterparts from different plants and countries. 

3. CANDU Owners’ Group (GOC) Nuclear Professional Development Seminar (NPDS) is a three week course for senior plant staff (typically second or third-level managers from all disciplines) to benchmark and learn best practices in leadership and management. By studying case studies and leveraging industry experience, attendees review management issues and solve real life problems encountered in nuclear plants. Limited class size allows participants to maximise involvement in discussions and participate on an individual level. Participants are offered ongoing support and mentorship from industry leaders along with their classroom learning and visits to high performing nuclear stations.

For more information on these courses and how to apply, WANO members should log in to the WANO member website and visit here.